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Jamie-Lynn Spears Appointed Trustee of Sister Britney’s Fortune!


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Jamie-Lynn Spears – Britney Spears’ 29-year-old sister, is going to be playing a major role in the management of Britney’s fortune!

Court-filings state that Jamie has now been appointed as trustee of the ‘SJB Revocable Trust’ which was setup in 2004 to manage Britney’s ever-growing fortune. The filings state that while Britney, 38, is alive she will continue to remain the ‘sole beneficiary’ of the trust however should she pass away next in line to have access to the trust is Jamie.

Jamie has now requested the courts managing Britney’s conservator-ship to appoint Fidelity Financial Management to create “blocked accounts” that will hold all of Britney’s assets; and should anything happen to her sister the funds from these “blocked accounts” would be moved to the trust to take care of Britney’s kids…let us know: DO YOU THINK JAMIE-LYNN SPEARS IS CAPABLE OF MANAGING ALL OF BRITNEY’S MONEY??? WILL SHE STEAL?

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