Prince Harry Looks Happier on Day Out With Friends, Without Meghan Markle

Prince Harry couldn’t stop grinning like a Cheshire cat as he casually hung out with the cast of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ during a football match between Inter Miami CF and Los Angeles at the FC BMO Stadium last September.

Making his grand entrance on the legendary Instagram of actor Rob McElhenney on the first day of the year, Harry became the star of a photo fiesta rounding up the best moments of 2023.

In the midst of the snapshot frenzy, McElhenney spilled the beans, saying, “Apart from that tiny war with the nuts, 2023 was basically the highlight reel of my existence. Big shoutout to all the amazing people and places that made it happen. My life is now a sparkling cocktail of love and joy, all thanks to you lovely folks.”

Eagerly anticipating the adventures of 2024, the actor couldn’t resist a nutty joke: “I’ll be steering clear of the nuts, though. Safety first, you know?”

Caught on camera at the stadium bar, the Spare author looked positively radiant in his black shirt and matching blazer, basking in the glory of friendship with the Philly gang.

According to Brittany, a self-proclaimed royal analyst turned X (formerly Twitter) commentator, Prince Harry seems “so much happier” sans Meghan Markle. “His smile is practically tap-dancing to his eyes,” she enthusiastically declared.

In the lively arena of social media, users chimed in with their two cents, echoing sentiments like, “He’s ALWAYS happy when [Meghan is] not around.” Another user playfully speculated, “I think he looks stoned in this photo. Maybe he’s only truly content when he’s in the ‘high’ life.” Either way, it seems like Prince Harry has found his happy place—nut-free and full of contagious grins.

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Prince Harry Looks Happier on Day Out With Friends, Without Meghan Markle


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