Zendaya Is Unsure About The Future Of ‘Euphoria’

Buckle up for the latest rollercoaster ride in the world of Euphoria! Is season three ever going to grace our screens? Well, Zendaya, our beloved Rue, was put on the spot for an update, and let’s just say her response was as suspenseful as the show itself.

Picture this: it’s late March, and the bomb drops—season three is delayed! Fans are left hanging like a loose thread on a couture dress. Season two was a tantalizing tease, and now we’re stuck twiddling our thumbs, wondering what the heck Rue and the gang are getting up to.

So, Variety, being the brave soul that they are, decided to ask Zendaya the million-dollar question. And what did she have to say for herself? Drumroll, please! “I don’t know,” she declares, leaving us all in a state of shock. But wait, there’s more! She follows up with a classic, “I’m not in charge,” throwing the responsibility ball back into the HBO court faster than you can say, “plot twist!”

But fear not, for Zendaya offers a glimmer of hope amid the uncertainty. “If it’s right for the characters and everything turns out the way it should, of course,” she muses, as if she’s holding the fate of the universe in her hands. But hey, who can blame her? Making magic happen on screen isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

So, there you have it! The saga of Euphoria season three continues to be more mysterious than a locked room mystery. Will it happen? Will Rue finally find some semblance of peace? Will we ever get those iconic makeup looks? Only time will tell, but until then, let’s buckle up and enjoy the drama, both on and off-screen!

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