Zendaya Rocks Tennis-Ball-Neon Look At The ‘Challengers’ Premiere In LA

Zendaya, the reigning queen of style transformations, pulled off a fashion double fault at the LA premiere of her latest cinematic masterpiece, “Challengers,” held at the illustrious Westwood Village Theater on a star-studded Tuesday night (April 16) in Los Angeles.

First off, let’s talk about her entrance. Picture this: Zendaya strutting down the black carpet in a lace and tulle creation by none other than Vera Wang. The dress was so ethereal it could make angels jealous. Joined by her fellow co-stars Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist, Zendaya was the epitome of grace and elegance, until she decided to serve us a surprise.

Just when you thought the first outfit was the ace of the night, Zendaya decided to switch things up like a pro tennis player changing sides. She reappeared in another ensemble, and brace yourself, this one was a real smash! Imagine a dress the exact shade of a tennis ball, complete with a ball right smack in the middle where her belly button should be! Talk about a fashion serve!

And where did this whimsical creation come from, you ask? None other than the wizard of wardrobe, Celia Kritharioti. Because who else could conjure up a dress that screams, “I’m here to serve and volley”?

Zendaya didn’t stop there. Throughout the “Challengers” press tour globe-trotting extravaganza, she’s been acing the tennis-themed fashion game like a true champion. From court-ready couture to smashing style statements, Zendaya’s wardrobe is a grand slam of creativity and daring.

Reflecting on her fashion odyssey, Zendaya shared with ET at the LA premiere, “I’ve really enjoyed this press tour. I think just the idea of tennis whites in general and kind of playing with that in each of my looks. It’s just been fun, you know, just experimenting and building this other red carpet character.”

Oh Zendaya, you’ve definitely scored a fashion advantage with your quirky and captivating style. Game, set, and match to the queen of the fashion court!

Zendaya Rocks Tennis-Ball-Neon Look At The ‘Challengers’ Premiere In LA

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