Ricky Martin Will Headline LA Pride in the Park Festival 2024

Get ready to shake your bon-bon because Ricky Martin is about to turn up the heat for Pride Month!

Breaking news: the eternally youthful 52-year-old Latin heartthrob, Ricky Martin, is set to headline the 2024 LA Pride in the Park Festival. Get your glitter ready because on June 8th, the Los Angeles State Historic Park will be transformed into the ultimate rainbow extravaganza.

In a press release that surely made fans swoon, Ricky exclaimed, “I am beyond excited to be the headliner for LA Pride in the Park! It’s like a dream come true, but with more fabulousness and glitter!” Seriously, can this man get any more charming?

And what’s not to love about the theme for this year’s festivities? It’s none other than “Power in Pride,” celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community’s knack for living life unapologetically fabulous. Cue the disco balls and rainbow confetti!

Ricky, who famously came out as gay in 2010, revealed in a recent interview the family member who nudged him out of the closet. Talk about spilling the spicy salsa!

So, mark your calendars, grab your rainbow flags, and get ready to dance the night away because this Pride celebration is going to be hotter than a salsa dance-off in the desert! Tickets are available at lapride.org, so don’t miss out on the party of the year.🌈💃🎉

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