50 Cent Pokes Fun at Diddy Again After Third Sexual Assault Lawsuit

It seems like 50 Cent just couldn’t resist poking fun at Diddy’s legal escapades. Picture this: Diddy’s in hot water again, facing a third lawsuit for some seriously questionable behavior. Insert eye roll here.

So, 50 Cent, the master of social media shade, decided to turn this legal drama into a comedy special. He pulls up a pic of Diddy looking all serious, probably contemplating the mysteries of life or figuring out how to make a rap career and lawsuits play nice together.

In classic 50 Cent style, he cranks up the humor volume by adding a soundtrack to this legal circus. “F*** You Tonight” by The Notorious B.I.G. and R. Kelly is playing in the background. Because nothing says legal troubles like a soundtrack featuring artists with, uh, colorful histories.

Our man Fifty even drops some lyrical bombs in the caption, channeling his inner poet: “And another one, you must be used to me spending. And all the cheap wining and dining, told you and 5,4,3,2,1. And another one!” Somebody get this guy a mic, he’s on fire!

But hold on, rewind to a previous episode of “Diddy Drama.” 50 Cent took a trip down memory lane, throwing shade at Diddy and his ex, Cassie. He shared a pic of them at the MET Gala, slapping on a caption that reads, “If I text you this, it means I want my money by tomorrow.” Cue the dramatic music!

And just to spice things up, let’s not forget that this nugget of wisdom dropped after Cassie filed charges for abuse and rape during their epic decade-long relationship. Because nothing says romance like legal battles and MET Gala snapshots.

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In the world of rap beefs and legal tangles, 50 Cent is the undisputed king of turning serious situations into a laugh-out-loud spectacle. Can’t wait to see what he serves up next in this reality show gone wild!


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