Kylie Kelce Reveals Her Thoughts On Husband Jason Kelce’s Retirement

Get ready to laugh till your sides hurt! Kylie Kelce is throwing a retirement party like no other for her hubby, Jason Kelce, as he bids adieu to his 13-year NFL career.

In a move that shocked the football world (and maybe even the pigeons in Philly), the 36-year-old Philadelphia Eagles center announced his retirement. But fear not! The celebration is just getting started.

Kylie, the ultimate cheerleader wifey at the ripe age of 31, took to Instagram to shout from the digital rooftops about her man’s gridiron greatness. Posting a pic from their glory days after the Eagles clinched Super Bowl LII in 2018, she declared, “Brace yourselves for the ultimate retirement bash! 🥳”

With all the love and glittery emojis one could muster, she penned, “Hey, world! Look at this champ! Thirteen years of tackling, sweating, and occasionally forgetting what day it is—ain’t that something? But seriously, your hard work, determination, and sheer stubbornness got you through it all. So proud to call myself your better half. Can’t wait to see what hair-brained scheme you cook up next! The girls and I will be in the stands, waving foam fingers and embarrassing you as only a family can! 💚”

In case you forgot, these lovebirds have been hitched since 2018 and are parents to a trio of tiny terrors—Wyatt, the four-year-old whirlwind, Elliotte, who’s mastered the art of the tantrum at 23 months, and Bennett, the newest addition to the chaos at a mere 12 months old. Brace yourselves, retirement life is about to get wilder than a sack dance in the end zone! 🏈🎉

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