‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Star Candiace Dillard Bassett Is Pregnant

Guess what? The gossip grapevine is buzzing louder than a beehive in a storm! Brace yourselves for this bombshell: Candiace Dillard Bassett, former drama diva from Real Housewives of Potomac, is preggers! Cue the confetti cannons and baby shower invites because Candiace, at the ripe age of 37, is about to embark on the rollercoaster ride called motherhood with her 46-year-old hubby, Chris Bassett.

In an exclusive interview, Candiace spilled the beans, revealing that she’s about 13 weeks in, cruising comfortably into that mythical land called the second trimester. And how has she been keeping this juicy tidbit under wraps? Well, according to her, it’s been a covert operation worthy of a spy thriller. She described it as “quietly just growing a bun.” Bravo, Candiace, Bravo! But hey, when you’re used to the drama of reality TV, keeping a bun in the oven secret must feel like a walk in the park, right?

Now, hold onto your Gucci handbags because the plot thickens! Just when you thought the drama couldn’t get juicier, it’s been confirmed that Candiace won’t be gracing our screens for another season of RHOP after Season 8. Talk about timing! Six years of serving up sass and shade, and now she’s trading in her Housewife title for a new one: Mommy Dearest.

Let’s rewind a bit and delve into the love story that led to this bundle of joy. Picture this: a bustling restaurant in Washington D.C., where Candiace, our soon-to-be momma bear, was slinging plates and Chris was playing the role of the suave manager. Sparks flew faster than a faulty electrical circuit, and before you could say “Order up!”, Chris popped the question in May 2017. Fast forward to August 2018, and they sealed the deal at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in D.C., surrounded by love, laughter, and probably a few camera crews.

So, let’s raise our glasses (of sparkling apple juice, of course) to Candiace, Chris, and their impending addition to the Bassett brigade! May your diapers be clean, your sleep uninterrupted, and your reality TV drama reserved for reruns. Cheers to the happy family!

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