Anne Hathaway Had To Kiss 10 Different Men During a Movie Audition

Anne Hathaway is taking a stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about a moment in her career that was both cringe-worthy and comically absurd: the day she had to lock lips with not one, not two, but a whopping ten different actors!

Picture this: Anne, a sprightly 41-year-old actress, had already snagged a role in a hush-hush movie project. However, the producers were still playing a game of casting roulette for her leading man.

In a tell-all chat with V Magazine, Anne spilled the beans, or rather, the lipsticks, on this hilariously awkward ordeal. “So, back in the early 2000s—brace yourselves—this gem actually happened to moi,” she began, clearly ready to spill the tea on this juicy tale.

“I was casually informed, ‘Hey Anne, we’ve got ten strapping lads lined up for you today, and guess what? You’re cast! Aren’t you just ecstatic about smooching all of them?’ And I’m standing there thinking, ‘Am I on some wacky dating show, or is this just my bizarre Hollywood reality?'” Anne recounted with a mix of disbelief and horror.

“I mean, call me old-fashioned, but the idea of swapping saliva with a parade of strangers wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. I was like, ‘Is this some sort of twisted initiation ritual? Do I get a badge for surviving this?’ It all sounded about as appealing as a sandwich made of toenail clippings,” she added, her incredulity palpable.

Now, let’s talk about Anne’s dilemma: caught between a rock and a hard place, with her career hanging in the balance. “Here I was, young, naive, and petrified of being branded as ‘difficult’ faster than you can say ‘Lights, Camera, Awkward!’ So, what did I do? I slapped on my best fake smile, mustered up some fake enthusiasm, and dove headfirst into the snogging marathon. Oh, the things we do for art!” Anne quipped, her eyes twinkling with equal parts amusement and mortification.

But fear not, for Anne assures us that no harm was meant. “Let’s set the record straight: nobody was out to make my life a living rom-com nightmare. It was simply a different era, a time when the dating scene in Hollywood was as confusing as a Rubik’s Cube on steroids. Thankfully, we’ve evolved since then. Lesson learned: when it comes to chemistry tests, maybe let’s stick to exchanging witty banter instead of swapping spit with a small army of hopefuls,” she concluded with a knowing wink.

And so ends the tale of Anne Hathaway’s epic make-out marathon—a cautionary tale for the ages, and a reminder that in Tinseltown, the path to stardom can sometimes be paved with lip balm and awkward encounters. Cheers to you, Anne, for surviving the smoochapalooza with your sense of humor intact!

Anne Hathaway Had To Kiss 10 Different Men During a Movie Audition

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