Nicki Minaj Reflects on Controversial COVID Tweets

Nicki Minaj is spilling the beans on her viral tweets about the COVID-19 vaccine, and trust us, it’s been a rollercoaster ride of epic proportions!

It’s been a hot minute, or rather, just over two years since the 40-year-old rapper dropped the bombshell that she wouldn’t be strutting her stuff at the Met Gala because she was steering clear of the vaccine needle. At the time, she proudly proclaimed that she hadn’t quite finished her Ph.D. in vaccineology (or maybe she just didn’t have Google Scholar handy), but she did remind folks to mask up. Oh, and let’s not forget the piece de resistance – the tale of her cousin’s friend who supposedly turned into a human noodle after a vaccine shot, and her infamous “My cousin in Trinidad” moment that had the internet chuckling for ages.

Fast forward to today, and Nicki is revisiting her vaccine escapades. In a recent chat with Vogue, she’s sticking to her guns and not a single regret in sight.

“I’m the kind of gal who doesn’t follow the herd,” she declares. “I like to make my own decisions about stuff, without Uncle Internet telling me what to do.”

But Nicki doesn’t stop there. She unleashes her inner provocateur: “Every time I delve into politics, people’s feathers get ruffled. Sorry, but I refuse to be a puppet on the strings of social media, drumming up support for who-knows-what. The government’s like a Vegas magic show – there’s a lot going on behind the velvet curtains, and I don’t think it matters if you’re a left-swiper or a right-swiper.”

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And let’s not forget the aftermath of those tweet-tastrophes in 2021! Nicki took her gripe to the streets, well, the internet streets, that is. She called out the Philadelphia Health Department for hopping on her vaccine-themed tweet-train. Even the White House tried to slide into her DMs, attempting to have a heart-to-heart about vaccines.

Nicki Minaj, the vaccine maverick, the master of mirth, and the sultan of side-eye, sticking to her non-conformist ways, all while the world tries to convince her to roll up her sleeve. In the meantime, we’ll be here, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the epic saga of Nicki vs. The Vaccine!

Nicki Minaj Reflects on Controversial COVID Tweets


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