Katy Perry Reveals Why She’s Leaving ‘American Idol’

Katy Perry is waving goodbye to American Idol after this season!

Back in February, she dropped the bombshell ahead of season 22, and now she’s dishing out more deets on why she’s taking her leave.

“I’m just making room for some other shenanigans. Don’t get it twisted, me leaving doesn’t mean I’m off to some glamorous island retreat, although that does sound pretty tempting. Nope, I’ll be hitting the grindstone,” Katy spilled to ET after the latest episode.

And if you’re wondering if she’s gearing up to unleash some fresh tunes, well, she teased, “You’ll find out when the time is ripe.” As for her last musical endeavor, “Smile” popped up on the scene back in 2020.

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