Travis Kelce To Host ‘Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?’

Travis Kelce, the guy whose hand-eye coordination makes the rest of us look like we’re trying to catch flies with chopsticks, is stepping into a whole new arena – the wacky world of television!

The 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight end, known for bulldozing through defenses like they’re made of Jenga blocks, is now set to juggle football with his newest gig: hosting his very own TV show. Move over, Terry Bradshaw, there’s a new sheriff in town.

In a move that left fans scratching their heads almost as much as they do after trying to figure out an NFL referee’s call, it was announced on Tuesday (April 16) that Travis would be the charming face of a new Prime Video show called “Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?” No, you didn’t misread that. Celebrities pitting their brain cells against us mere mortals. What could possibly go wrong?

Rumors started swirling last month about Travis diving into the world of game shows faster than he dives for a touchdown pass. And now, it’s official. Travis is swapping his helmet for a game show host’s mic. Talk about a career pivot!

In an official statement that probably made his momma proud, Travis said, “I mean, who doesn’t love game shows, am I right? And now, I get to be the guy asking the questions instead of the one dodging linebackers. It’s like a dream come true, except with more cameras and less sweat.”

Barry Poznick, the mad genius behind this celebrity showdown, described Travis as the “ultimate class clown.” Well, at least he’s got a fallback career if this whole football thing doesn’t work out.

“We figured, why have kids answering questions when you can have celebrities embarrassing themselves on national TV?” Barry quipped, probably while cackling maniacally and petting a hairless cat.

So, get ready for some epic facepalms. Because watching celebrities struggle with elementary school-level questions is about to become the hottest form of entertainment since watching paint dry. Stay tuned for updates as we dive deeper into this glorious train wreck of a TV show.

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