Sabrina Carpenter Unveils Her SKIMS Campaign, And Barry Keoghan Had Something To Say

Guess who’s doing the ultimate Instagram boyfriend move? Barry Keoghan! The man, the legend, the boyfriend extraordinaire is giving a big shoutout to his leading lady, Sabrina Carpenter!

Now, brace yourselves, because Sabrina just dropped a bombshell – or rather, a lace bomb – with her latest Skims campaign on April Fools’ Day (or not, we’re not entirely sure). This ain’t your grandma’s underwear line, people! Nope, it’s a tantalizing collection of lacey delights that’ll make you question your entire lingerie drawer existence.

So, what does our dear Barry do upon witnessing this lingerie extravaganza? He doesn’t just double-tap and move on, oh no! He busts into the comments section like a knight in shining armor, armed with nothing but emojis and adoration.

Picture this: Barry, probably lounging in his comfiest sweats, scrolling through Instagram, when suddenly he stumbles upon Sabrina’s sultry snaps. And what does he do? He whips out his phone, summons his inner Shakespeare, and crafts the most profound comment known to man – a single 🔥🥵 barbie emoji.

Oh, Barry, you smooth operator, you! Forget chocolates and flowers; this man knows the way to a woman’s heart is through emoji appreciation. And let’s be real, if a 🔥🥵 emoji doesn’t scream “I’m head over heels for you,” then what does?

So, here’s to Barry and Sabrina, the dynamic duo of Instagram romance. May their love story be filled with lace, emojis, and maybe the occasional pizza emoji for good measure. Cheers to love in the digital age!


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