Victoria Monet Wins Best New Artist Award at the Grammys

We’ve got some Grammy gossip hotter than a mic left on during a bathroom break! Victoria Monet strutted her stuff and snagged the golden ticket of Best New Artist at the 2024 Grammy Awards. Victoria, at the tender age of 34 (hey, in the music biz, that’s practically still teething), snatched the trophy from a lineup that sounds more like a buffet menu than a list of nominees: Gracie Abrams, Fred Again, Ice Spice (is that a rapper or a new flavor of chai latte?), Jelly Roll (are we in a bakery?), Coco Jones (sounds like a delicious dessert), Noah Kahan (definitely a cousin of Noah’s ark), and The War and Treaty (are they declaring war or signing a peace treaty? Who knows!).

Before you could even say “encore,” Victoria swooped in and also bagged the awards for Best R&B Album and Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical for her masterpiece, Jaguar II. And just like that, she cemented her status as a triple threat: singer, engineer, and professional trophy hoarder.

In her acceptance speech for Best New Artist, Victoria spilled the tea on her “15-year pursuit” to musical stardom. Fifteen years. That’s enough time to raise a teenager, build a house, or binge-watch every season of Friends twice over. She gave a shoutout to all the believers who stuck with her through thick and thin, probably thanking them for not laughing too hard when she said she was gonna be a superstar way back when. So, here’s to Victoria Monet, the queen of perseverance, the maestro of R&B, and the undisputed champion of the Grammy game. Cheers to you, Victoria!

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