Chris Hemsworth Named His Actor Crush in Saudi Arabia

Chris Hemsworth strutted his stuff in a laid-back gray suit as he casually sauntered into the 2023 Red Sea International Film Festival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Looking like a chilled-out fashion deity, the 40-year-old actor teamed up with director Baz Luhrmann for a side-splitting “In Conversation” event.

In this riveting conversation, Chris spilled the tea on his Hollywood crushes, and guess who made the cut? None other than our favorite couch-jumping, action-hero extraordinaire, Tom Cruise. The 40-year-old spilled the beans on his admiration for Cruise’s career, declaring him as his “one north star.” Move over, actual north stars; Cruise is the true guiding light in Chris’s galaxy.

He went on to list some other heavyweights like Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins, but it’s Cruise who has a special place in Hemsworth’s heart. Apparently, what Hemsworth digs about Cruise’s work is the perfect blend of entertainment and accidental life lessons. It’s like going to the movies and stumbling into a wisdom seminar – who knew?

According to Deadline, Chris gushed, “What I really appreciate about what Tom has done is that there’s always an entertainment factor to his work, but there’s a moral message underneath. I’d call it sort of accidental learning.” So, it turns out that when we were chuckling at Cruise’s stunts, we were also getting an unexpected dose of moral guidance. Who says action movies don’t teach us anything?

Baz Luhrmann, being the cool cat that he is, chimed in, adding his two cents about Cruise’s magical touch. “With Tom, it’s so interesting because it’s the longevity. Even now, he works so hard. He’s still got this unbelievable work ethic,” Baz exclaimed. “When we did the rounds on Elvis, he had Top Gun. Let’s be honest, everyone had said the cinema was over. And then Tom comes flying in on a jet and saves Cinema. It was a phenomenon.”

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Chris Hemsworth, the gray-suited admirer of accidental life lessons, and Tom Cruise, the jet-flying savior of Cinema. Who knew a red carpet event could double as a comedy show? Hollywood, you’ve outdone yourself once again!

Chris Hemsworth Named His Actor Crush in Saudi Arabia


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