Hulu’s ‘Prom Dates’ Starring Antonia Gentry and Julia Lester Trailer

Get ready to laugh till you cry because Antonia Gentry and Julia Lester are about to bring the house down in the uproariously hilarious trailer for their upcoming Hulu flick, Prom Dates!

These two dynamos from Ginny & Georgia and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series team up as the inseparable besties Jess and Hannah. Picture this: two gals, armed with a pact forged at the tender age of 13, promising each other the most epic senior prom ever.

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But hold onto your corsages because here’s the kicker: just as college looms on the horizon, these two prom warriors find themselves in a promocalypse. With a mere 24 hours left on the clock, their perfectly planned prom dreams turn into a dumpster fire when they simultaneously dump their dates.

Now, Jess and Hannah are faced with a Herculean task: find new dates in the eleventh hour and salvage their teenage dreams faster than you can say “awkward slow dance.” Cue the chaos, the mishaps, and the mad dash to turn fantasy into reality in one wild night.

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Joining the fray are a squad of side-splitting co-stars including Kenny Ridwan, JT Neal, Jordan Buhat, Zión Moreno, Terry Hu, John Michael Higgins, and the incomparable Chelsea Handler.

Directed by the mastermind Kim O Nguyen, Prom Dates promises to be the ultimate comedy rollercoaster. Get ready to snort with laughter because this prom night debacle hits Hulu screens Friday, May 3rd. Don’t forget your popcorn!

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