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Supermodel Kendall Jenner Reveals That She’s Jealous of Her 3-Year-Old Niece Stormi


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25-year-old supermodel Kendall Jenner just revealed that she’s jealous of a 3-year-old! Specifically her niece Stormi; Kylie’s baby.

During her appearance this past Tuesday night on ‘The Tonight Show,’ host Jimmy Fallon asked the model: “Are you a good babysitter?”…Kendall then replied: “Um, I’m alright. I always want to be like the cool aunt and be liked by all of them,” she replied. “There is 18 of them now, going on 20. There’s two on the way… I have a lot of them, but it’s fun. It’s really fun. I try and be chill.”

On why she’s jealous of Stormi, Kendall revealed it was because of Stormi’s relationship with her boyfriend Devin Booker. Kendall said: “He loves them. Him and Stormi have an amazing relationship. She has the biggest crush on him and I’m like jealous sometimes. I’m like, ‘stop.'” Watch below and let us know what you think:…DO YOU THINK STORMI IS JEALOUS OF KENDALL JENNER TOO??!?!?!

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