Emma Roberts Shares a Rare Photo of Her Son Rhodes

Emma Roberts has finally unleashed the adorable beast, also known as her son Rhodes, into the wilds of social media! This 32-year-old American Horror Story star usually keeps her little munchkin under wraps, but she decided to break the internet silence by sharing some snapshots of the mini-me on Christmas day and again on his third birthday.

Picture this: Rhodes, the toddler sensation, decked out in festive pajamas with Santa Claus motifs, accessorized with a fabulous purple bow in his hair. Move over, Santa, there’s a new style icon in town!

On the big day, Emma graced our feeds with a photo of Rhodes engaged in some serious business—playing with his toys. And yes, we’re talking about toys that are probably more high-tech than our smartphones. We see you, Rhodes, plotting world domination one toy at a time.

Fast forward to his third birthday, and Emma treated us to a professional photo of the dynamic duo. It’s like the Oscars of toddlerhood, and Rhodes is winning for “Cutest Kid in a Leading Role.”

In the heartfelt caption, Emma poured out her love, saying, “Happy Birthday to the sweetest soul. I love you Rhodes! Here’s to 3,” making us all wish we were part of the toddler squad.

And it’s not just Emma—her mom, Kelly, joined the party with a trio of photos showcasing the pint-sized prodigy. The first pic captures Rhodes giving us his best “smize” at the camera. Move over, Tyra Banks, there’s a new top model in town, and he’s barely three!

But the grandma love doesn’t stop there. Kelly shared another pic of Rhodes with Emma and one of herself snuggling up to the little heartthrob and planting a smooch on his forehead. It’s like a scene from a blockbuster rom-com, with Rhodes stealing the show as the ultimate chick magnet.

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Emma was so thrilled with her mom’s post that she showcased it on her Instagram story, throwing in an extra photo of Rhodes inside what seems to be a Christmas ornament. Because why not make your kid the star of the Christmas tree? Move aside, tinsel, it’s Rhodes’ time to shine!

Rhodes is the adorable result of Emma’s partnership with ex Garrett Hedlund. We can only imagine the bedtime stories in that household involve epic battles between superheroes and bedtime snacks fit for a tiny king. Long live King Rhodes! 🎉👑 #ToddlerGoals #RhodesRulesTheWorld


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