Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson Sing ‘Oh Santa’ Alongside Mariah Carey on Her Christmas Tour

In a festive twist that left Madison Square Garden gasping for breath (and not just from Mariah Carey hitting those high notes), the queen of Christmas brought two dynamite divas on stage during her holiday concert in New York City on Saturday night.

Mariah, the reigning champion of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” supremacy, dazzled the audience with her timeless hits. In a move that had fans squealing louder than a kid in a candy store, she conjured up not one, but two Christmas miracles in the form of Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson.

Before the grand entrance, Mariah slyly teased the crowd about summoning “two Christmas angels.” And lo and behold, out strutted Ariana and Jennifer, causing such a ruckus that even Santa would’ve traded in his sleigh for a front-row seat.

The X (formerly Twitter) sphere exploded with joy as these vocal powerhouses united on stage. It was a collaboration so magical that even the Nutcracker would’ve been taking notes. Picture this: Mariah, Ariana, and Jennifer belting out “Oh Santa” like a trio of holiday cheerleaders on a sugar rush.

Let’s not forget, this musical masterpiece wasn’t born yesterday – it’s a 2020 creation, a time when the world needed a dose of festive harmony. They didn’t just drop the song; oh no, they went all out and blessed us with a music video to boot.

Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, and Jennifer Hudson turning Madison Square Garden into a winter wonderland of epic vocal proportions. It’s the kind of holiday magic that even the Grinch would have to admit is pretty darn impressive.

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