Brit Smith Talks About JoJo Siwa “Stealing” The Song ‘Karma’ From Her

Brit Smith is about to spill the tea, and it’s piping hot!

So, picture this: a few weeks back, JoJo Siwa busts out with her new track “Karma,” launching her into a whole new era of pop stardom. But hold your hats, because it turns out this tune wasn’t born yesterday. Nope, it’s a blast from the past, straight out of 2012, from none other than Brit herself.

Brit recorded this jam way back when for her debut album, but life happened, plans changed, and she vanished from the scene like a magician’s assistant in a puff of glitter.

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But lo and behold, eagle-eyed fans spot the connection and cry foul! They start accusing JoJo of snatchin’ Brit’s song right from under her nose. Drama, drama, drama!

But fear not, for Brit swoops in like a hero in a rom-com to clear the air. She takes to TikTok to set the record straight, arms flailing and sass on full blast.

“I’m here to spill the tea, honey! JoJo did not raid my song vault,” she declares, with all the drama of a daytime soap opera. “Let’s put this rumor mill to bed, shall we?”

Brit goes on to explain that JoJo had every right to belt out her own rendition. No harm, no foul. And hey, she’s not about to be the villain in this story. Been there, done that, got the high school trauma to prove it.

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But hold onto your hats, because here comes the plot twist! Brit’s old-school jam resurfaces like a relic from a forgotten era, thanks to some sleuth on Vimeo. And guess what? Fans come out of the woodwork, chanting “We want Brit!” like she’s the pop princess they never knew they needed.

With a baby on each hip and a chaotic life to boot, Brit’s like, “Well, why the heck not?” She’s dusting off her old tunes faster than you can say “blast from the past.” May 17th suddenly becomes the most anticipated date on the calendar, as Brit announces she’s droppin’ an EP, straight from the archives.

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So mark your calendars, ’cause May 17th just got a whole lot groovier. Brit’s back, baby, and she’s ready to make a splash in the pop pond once again. Who would’ve thunk it?

@britrosesmith Setting the record straight… #karma ♬ original sound – Brit Smith

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