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LAWSUIT! Katy Perry Gets Sued by Australian Designer Named Katie Perry for Alleged Copyright Infringement


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36-year-old ‘Dark Horse’ singing superstar Katy Perry is being sued by an Australian designer for allegedly infringing on her trademarked brand name!

The designer whose real name is Katie Jane Taylor, but her brand goes under her maiden name Katie Perry; filed a Federal Court proceeding against Perry in October 2019 and claimed that Katy and her company Killer Queen LLC. infringes on her brand-name which was registered in Australia in 2008! Federal Court Justice Brigitte Markovic said earlier this year that the singer Katy, actually came up with her stage-name in 2004 and is “using the short form of her own first name and her mother’s maiden name.”

Katie the designer’s lawyer retorted and said his client’s lawsuit covers goods that Katy’s company sells including a Katy Perry “Special Edition X-Large Pizza Box Kit” which includes pizza-slice necklaces, pizza-pajamas, a pencil case, cat ears, and more! He said: “We allege infringement across a wide range of goods.” Katy’s lawyers state that there is no copyright infringement, and say that Katy continues to use her own name in good faith…let us know: COULD YOU EVER CONFUSE KATY PERRY AND KATIE PERRY?? ARE THEY DECEPTIVELY SIMILAR?!?!?

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