Oprah Parts Ways With WeightWatchers After Using Weight Loss Drugs

Get ready to clutch your sides because Oprah Winfrey is busting out of her role with WeightWatchers like a superhero escaping a bad movie plot!

The 70-year-old media maestro recently dropped the mic on her nearly decade-long stint on the company’s board, leaving us all wondering if our diets will ever be the same again. And guess what? It turns out she’s been on weight-loss medication! Talk about a plot twist that would make even the most seasoned soap opera writer raise an eyebrow.

But fear not, for Oprah is not abandoning us entirely. Oh no, she’s generously decided to dole out her stocks like Halloween candy, except instead of chocolate bars, it’s shares in a weight-loss company. According to sources, she’s planning to donate her stash to the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Now that’s what I call a stock split with a side of social consciousness!

And what about the remaining crumbs of her stock portfolio? Well, they’re estimated to be worth less than what some find in their couch cushions after a vigorous Netflix binge. But hey, who needs millions when you’ve got the power to inspire millions, right?

In a statement that probably didn’t break the internet but certainly tickled a few funny bones, Oprah mentioned something about continuing to advise and collaborate with WeightWatchers, all while championing the cause of recognizing obesity as a chronic condition. Because if there’s one thing Oprah knows, it’s how to turn a conversation about weight into a national event. Move over, royal weddings—Oprah’s got some advocacy to do!

But hold your kale smoothies, because WeightWatchers wants to make it crystal clear: this breakup wasn’t due to any behind-the-scenes drama. Nope, no disagreements here! Just Oprah, gracefully exiting stage left like the queen she is, leaving behind a trail of iconic moments and a legacy that will forever be etched into the history of weight loss. Farewell, Oprah at WeightWatchers—you were the sprinkle on our guilt-free cupcake.

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