Travis Kelce Unfollows Ex Kayla Nicole After ‘New Man’ Rumor

We’ve got some NFL drama hotter than a jalapeño on a summer day, and it’s starring none other than the Chiefs’ very own Travis Kelce and his ex, Kayla Nicole.

So, picture this: Travis, the tight end extraordinaire, decided to hit the unfollow button faster than you can say “touchdown” when he caught wind of Kayla eyeballing Jalen Hurts, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. And what’s the kicker? Jalen just so happens to be playing alongside Travis’s big bro, Jason Kelce. Awkward family gatherings, anyone?

Now, Kayla, being the social media butterfly she is, retweeted a video of Jalen looking all suave while watching the 76ers vs. Lakers game. She added a sassy “fly, eagles fly” with a side of “Y’all have eyes too.” Oh, the audacity! Some fans were scandalized, accusing her of setting her sights on a man who’s already put a ring on it, while others played it cool, saying she was just stating the obvious. Travis, on the other hand, wasn’t exactly LOL-ing at the situation.

Let’s rewind a bit. Travis and Kayla were on-again, off-again for a solid five years before officially calling it quits in May 2022. Fast forward to Travis cozying up to Taylor Swift, and things got so wild that Kayla hit the unfollow button on Travis and the Mahomes crew faster than you can say “shake it off.” Why? The world may never know. But hey, Taylor Swift and football – a match made in pop culture heaven.

But guess what? Despite the social media breakup, Kayla’s still keeping tabs on Jason’s wifey, Kylie Kelce, over on Instagram. Now, that’s what you call a plot twist. Stay tuned, football fans, because this love game just got a whole lot more entertaining than the Super Bowl halftime show!

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