Emma Watson Earned MILLIONS to Play BELLE in ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Emma Watson Earned MILLIONS to Play BELLE in'Beauty and the Beast'

EMMA WATSON was paid a reported $3 million to play BELLE in Disney’s live-action adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

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The 26-year-old actress is however expected to make a lot more as a bonus; depending on how the movie makes in theaters. If the film does as well as MALEFICENT starring Angelina Jolie which earned $760 million, Emma could earn a whopping $15 MILLION!

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A source said that Disney has the luxury of not paying out actors high upfront salaries, because their movies don’t depend on the stars! The source says: “The IP is the star of the movie. If you hired Jennifer Lawrence as Belle, would it really make a difference in the opening [of Beauty and the Beast]? Unlikely.”

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