Beyoncé Releases New Song From THE LION KING!

Beyoncé Releases New Song From THE LION KING!

37-year-old ‘Partition’ superstar singer Beyoncé is releasing a new song from her movie THE LION KING!

The official Twitter account for ‘The Lion King’ posted an announcement today that Beyoncé actually produced an album titled ‘The Lion King: THE GIFT’ featuring artists from around the world, with her song SPIRIT being released tonight.

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‘The Lion King: THE GIFT’ resonates sounds from Africa, and is produced and curated by Beyoncé herself! The album will be released on July 19, with the movie’s official Twitter account announcing: “‘The Lion King: The Gift,’ an album featuring global artists & steeped in the sounds of Africa, produced & curated by @Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, will release 7/19. ‘Spirit,’ the single from the album & soundtrack for The Lion King, will be available tonight.” Take a look below and let us know: ARE YOU EXCITED FOR THE LION KING ALBUM? DO YOU ALREADY LOVE SPIRIT BY Beyoncé EVEN THOUGH IT’S NOT OUT YET?!

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