Kanye West Has Dinner With Kim Kardashian and North West, Without His Wife Bianca Censori

Kanye West, the man of the hour, was spotted making his grand entrance at Nobu Malibu, ready to dive into some serious family fun – and guess who wasn’t on his arm? Yep, you guessed it, his wifey Bianca Censori was a no-show.

Picture this: the rap god himself, rolling up to a family shindig, with none other than his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, in tow. Talk about a plot twist!

What brought these two former lovebirds together? None other than their adorable 10-year-old daughter, North, who was throwing a bash for her school buddies and cousin Penelope Disick. And let me tell you, these kids came prepared, sporting matching black Vulture shirts in a nod to daddy’s upcoming album, paired with the coolest black Yeezy slides money can buy.

Now, let’s talk fashion. Kanye, true to his style, strutted in wearing his classic all-black ensemble, topped off with a hosiery mask because, well, why not? And Kim? Oh, she didn’t disappoint either, serving looks in a velvet floor-length coat over a sheer black tube top and high-waisted trousers. Fashion game strong, as always.

But hold up, where was Mrs. Censori in all this? Nowhere to be found. Cue the eyebrow raises and the gossip mill spinning at full speed.

And speaking of gossip, Kanye hasn’t exactly been flying under the radar lately. Rumor has it, he’s been flexing some serious “control” over Censori – dictating her wardrobe choices and putting a leash on her social media antics. Sounds like someone’s got a case of the Kanye control freaks! Meanwhile, friends and family are reportedly raising their eyebrows faster than you can say “Yeezy.”

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Just a little reminder: Kanye and Censori jumped the broom back in 2022, hot on the heels of his split with Kim Kardashian, his partner-in-crime for a solid six years. Oh, what a tangled web Hollywood weaves!

Kanye West Has Dinner With Kim Kardashian and North West, Without His Wife Bianca Censori


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