Olivia Rodrigo and Flavor Flav Hang Out at the Los Angeles Jingle Ball

Guess what’s cooking? Flavor Flav sprinkled some serious love seasoning on Olivia Rodrigo at the KIIS FM’s 2023 Jingle Ball, and it’s spicier than a jalapeño taco!

The 62-year-old rapper, looking fly as ever, crashed the party to meet the 20-year-old “Vampire” crooner and, of course, snap a pic with her. Turns out, Flavor Flav has upgraded his playlist to include Olivia’s tunes. Move over, clock necklace – we’ve got a new obsession!

In a post that probably broke the internet (or at least gave it a good laugh), Flavor Flav, now the king of X (formerly known as Twitter), shared the evidence – a snapshot of their iconic encounter and a video to prove it happened.

As the camera rolled, Olivia, with starry eyes, complimented Flavor Flav’s fashion sense, probably wondering if she could pull off a giant clock too. The rap legend reciprocated with some serious musical street cred, saying, “Let me tell you something. I’ve seen your show, man. You are dope.”

Cue Olivia’s adorable “Aw, thanks!” – it’s like a symphony of mutual admiration. The grand finale? A photo op that’s got more flavor than a pizza with extra toppings.

Flavor Flav couldn’t resist a caption that’s as saucy as Olivia’s debut album, declaring, “Some FLAVOR that is so sweet and SOUR.” Move over, sour candies – Flavor Flav just dropped the sweetest bomb of appreciation, and we’re all here for this unexpected flavor fusion! 🌮🕰️

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