A Psychic Told Anne Hathaway She Was Meant to Become Drew Barrymore

Anne Hathaway recently spilled the beans about a hilarious encounter with a psychic that left her feeling like the heir to Drew Barrymore’s throne!

Picture this: Anne, in the midst of a career conundrum, wandering through an L.A. flea market, wearing an expression that screamed, “Is everything gonna be okay?” (Cue dramatic music).

Enter a young psychic, seemingly armed with a crystal ball and a knack for lifting spirits. The psychic prophetically informs Anne that she missed out on a gig because of some contractual shenanigans, but fear not! The cosmic forces have a plan, and it involves Anne channeling her inner Drew Barrymore.

Anne, bewildered and possibly contemplating if she stumbled into a parallel universe, relayed the psychic’s wisdom on The Drew Barrymore Show. According to the soothsayer, Anne’s career path needed a detour straight to the land of quirky charm, infectious laughter, and a dash of ’90s nostalgia – all trademark Drew.

In the aftermath of this cosmic revelation, Anne felt an instant calm wash over her. It was like the universe whispered, “Don’t worry, Anne, you’re destined for Drew-dom.” Suddenly, everything made sense, and Anne could see her future: goofy comedies, heartwarming rom-coms, and perhaps even a talk show with its fair share of quirky interviews.

So, next time you’re at a flea market and a psychic offers career advice, remember Anne Hathaway’s tale of cosmic redirection. After all, who wouldn’t want to be on the path to becoming the next Drew Barrymore? It’s not just a career move; it’s a cosmic comedy upgrade!

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