Beyonce’s ‘Renaissance’ Film Tops Box Office on Opening Weekend

Beyoncé is not just the Queen B; she’s the Queen of the Box Office too! Her latest masterpiece, “Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé,” has taken the world by storm, raking in a dazzling $21 million in its opening weekend. That’s right, move over popcorn, because Queen Bey is serving up a cinematic feast!

Written, directed, and produced by the diva herself, this film has smashed records faster than you can say “Sasha Fierce.” It’s not just a hit; it’s a “shake-your-booty-in-the-aisles” kind of hit. Variety spilled the tea on this glorious triumph, leaving us to wonder if there’s anything Beyoncé can’t do. I mean, she’s practically a one-woman show – move over, Avengers!

This concert film debut is so epic, it’s up there with Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, which cashed in a whopping $92.9 million. If concerts were a battle, Beyoncé just dropped the mic and walked away like a boss. Even Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus had to share the spotlight at $31.1 million – sorry, ladies, the Beyhive has spoken.

And get this – it’s the first time in two decades that a film has dared to open with more than $20 million during the post-Thanksgiving snoozefest. Move aside, turkey leftovers, because Beyoncé just served up a hot plate of success!

This global sensation brought in an extra $6.4 million from 94 territories overseas. That’s right, Beyoncé is not just taking over the U.S.; she’s conquering the world one dance move at a time. Can we get an encore?

Now, let’s talk money. With the film hitting AMC Theatres instead of the usual studio suspects, Queen Bey gets to pocket about 50% of those sweet box office earnings. Exhibitors get their cut, and AMC takes a tiny distribution fee. It’s like Beyoncé has a Midas touch, but instead of turning things into gold, she turns them into chart-topping, box office-breaking hits.

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In case you were wondering, the tour that inspired this cinematic marvel pulled in a mind-blowing $579 million worldwide. Beyoncé isn’t just building castles; she’s constructing entire empires!

So, here’s to Beyoncé, the unstoppable force of nature who can slay both on stage and on the big screen. Who run the world? Clearly, it’s Beyoncé, and we’re all just living in her blockbuster kingdom. All hail Queen Bey!


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