Ariana Grande Quits SNL Because of Kanye West STRESS!


25-year-old ‘God Is a Woman’ singer Ariana Grande was supposed to be the musical guest of honor on tonight’s season 44 premiere of ‘Saturday Night Live’ but has dropped out at the last minute due to host Kanye West!

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Grande has quit SNL over “emotional reasons” and stress that many in production say has been caused by Kanye (41) being involved with the show.

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Producer Lorne Michaels confirmed the news of Grande quitting and on Kanye hosting, Lorne says: “He’ll be there. The reach of the show, and the number of people that will step forward, is just somehow now, I think, probably at its peak.” Let us know: DO YOU BLAME KANYE WEST FOR ARIANA GRANDE QUITTING SNL? ARE YOU SAD TO NOW NOT WATCH HER TONIGHT?!

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