Demi Lovato Opens Up About Support She’s Received From Taylor Swift

Demi Lovato hit the jackpot having Taylor Swift as her personal cheerleader. Yup, you heard it right! The 31-year-old “Sorry Not Sorry” sensation spilled the tea on a heartwarming encounter with the 33-year-old “Shake It Off” maestro.

Flashback to four years ago when gossipmongers were feasting on rumors of a Demi-Taylor feud. But fear not, dear fans, because those whispers were silenced faster than Taylor writing a breakup anthem.

Fast forward to Demi’s appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, where the pop star spilled the beans about their wild ride at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. Picture this: Demi rocking out on stage, living their best life.

“I had a blast,” Demi reminisced with a sparkle in their eye. “I even got to throw some rock vibes into my hits. It was a riot.”

But here’s the juicy part. When Jennifer grilled Demi about who was waving pom-poms in the audience (figuratively, of course), Demi spilled the deets on the two A-list supporters.

“Guess who was giving me a standing ovation? Taylor Swift and Kelsea Ballerini! Can you believe it? It was like a magical unicorn sighting.”

And there’s more. Demi spilled, “I was a bundle of nerves, but the minute I saw those two rockstars cheering me on, I thought, ‘Heck yeah, I got this.'”

In case you missed the drama, there were whispers of Demi and Taylor having a tiff after Demi sided with Scooter Braun in 2019. Yeah, the same Scooter who swooped in and bought the record label, snatching Taylor’s music masters like a kid grabbing the last cookie.

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But fret not! Demi and Taylor have since buried the hatchet, or maybe they just decided to rock out together and save the drama for another day. Either way, Demi’s got her own squad, and Taylor is leading the cheer brigade. Talk about a popstar power play!


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