Seth Meyers Calls John Oliver His Least Favorite Late-Night Host While Drinking With Dua Lipa

Seth Meyers and Dua Lipa recently embarked on a wild adventure of day drinking for Seth’s legendary late-night show, Late Night with Seth Meyers. As they guzzled down their fair share of liquid courage, they also dished out some seriously quirky and personal questions.

Seth, with a mischievous glint in his eye, prodded Dua about the celeb sliding into her DMs hall of fame. Being the sly pop star she is, Dua dodged the question with a shot โ€“ the universal signal for “I’m not spilling the tea, but I’ll happily drink it.”

In retaliation, Dua turned the tables, putting Seth on the spot about his favorite kid. Seth, with all the parenting finesse of a tipsy stand-up comedian, cheekily declared, “Oh, I totally have a favorite! Shout out to my kids watching on YouTube โ€“ you know who you are, especially you, my little princess Adelaide! Dad’s favorite, obviously!”

But the comedy didn’t stop there. Dua, in an attempt to stir the late-night pot, interrogated Seth about his least favorite host among the late-night royalty: Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and John Oliver.

In a drunken revelation that would make any international relations expert cringe, Seth unleashed his hilarious tirade against John Oliver, declaring, “I don’t think the Brits should be allowed to hijack American talk shows. We fought the Revolutionary War, for Pete’s sake! John Oliver, pack your bags, go back to sipping tea, and win those BAFTAs. Leave our Emmys alone โ€“ there’s a trophy room back in the UK waiting for you. I don’t hate the Brits, I just… really, really, really dislike you, John.”

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As the alcohol-fueled banter reached new heights, it’s safe to say that Seth Meyers and Dua Lipa set a new standard for late-night shenanigans. Who knew day drinking could be so side-splittingly entertaining?


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