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Justin Bieber SLAMMED For Cultural Appropriation After Getting Dreadlocks and After Supporting Black Lives Matter


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27-year-old ‘Yummy’ singer Justin Bieber is being SLAMMED by the public for cultural appropriation!

Justin recently got dreadlocks and shared a photo of his new hairdo with his followers cuing the backlash! Justin shared a lot of support for the Black Lives Matter movemement last year and now his Twitter followers are furious! One wrote in response to Justin’s new hairdo: “so @scooterbraun you and your client @justinbieber post BLM for days and talking about being an ally or educating y’all’s selves but turn around to do this foolery very performative i’m sick of y’all.”

Another wrote: “It’s not just hair. It’s cultural appropriation and it’s the second time he CHOSE to do it. He claims to love and care for black people and then does things that hurt them. It’s not just hair…” Take a look at Justin Bieber’s new dreadlocks above and let us know: DO YOU APPROVE??!?1

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