‘Love Lies Bleeding’ Trailer Has Kristen Stewart Falling in Love With a Bodybuilder

The trailer for Kristen Stewart’s latest blockbuster has crash-landed into our lives like a UFO at a redneck barbecue!

Picture this: Lou, the gym manager extraordinaire, played by the unstoppable force that is Stewart, is about to embark on a rollercoaster ride of emotions with Katy M. O’Brian, who’s flexing her acting muscles as an ambitious bodybuilder named Jackie. And no, they’re not heading to the local protein shake shop for a date night—these lovebirds are Vegas-bound, baby!

But, hold your protein shakes and kettlebells, because this romance isn’t your typical heart-eye emoji affair. Oh no, it’s got more twists and turns than a pretzel in a washing machine. Get ready for a love story so intense, it makes Romeo and Juliet look like a preschool playdate.

As if Lou and Jackie’s love saga wasn’t spicy enough, enter Ed Harris, the menacing, gun-slinging father who’s probably more trigger-happy than a cat with a laser pointer. The FBI is on his tail, and you can bet they’re not after his secret chili recipe.

And if that’s not enough star power for you, Jena Malone, Anna Baryshnikov, and Dave Franco make special appearances. It’s like the Oscars threw a party, and everyone’s invited, even your weird cousin who insists on showing off his magic card tricks.

So, mark your calendars, set an alarm, or hire a skywriter—do whatever it takes, because Love Lies Bleeding is hitting theaters on March 8, 2024, and it’s bringing more drama than your last family reunion. Get ready to laugh, cry, and question your life choices, all in one epic cinematic experience!

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