‘Spaceman’ Trailer Starring Adam Sandler

Prepare to embark on a cosmic rollercoaster of emotions with Spaceman, Adam Sandler’s soon-to-be legendary dramatic masterpiece. Hold onto your space helmets because the first sneak peek is out, and it’s more thrilling than finding a rogue alien in your spaceship’s pantry.

Picture this: Jakub, played by the one and only Sandler, is six months deep into his solo voyage to the outskirts of our solar system. But wait for it—plot twist! He suddenly realizes that the marriage he left behind on Earth might be hanging by a thread. Yes, even in the vast emptiness of space, relationship drama follows you like an intergalactic shadow.

Now, brace yourselves for the real cosmic drama: Jakub, our astronaut extraordinaire, is on a mission more perilous than navigating through an asteroid field. He’s desperate to salvage his relationship with Lenka, played by the fabulous Carey Mulligan. And here’s where it gets out-of-this-world crazy—cue the drumroll—enter Hanuš, a mysterious creature from the dawn of time (voiced by the ever-charming Paul Dano). Move over, E.T., there’s a new extraterrestrial therapist in town!

Hanuš and Jakub join forces faster than you can say “interstellar counseling session” to untangle the mess in Jakub’s love life. Can you imagine seeking relationship advice from a creature older than the concept of relationship status updates? Talk about timeless wisdom!

Directed by the genius Johan Renck and inspired by the intergalactic page-turner “Spaceman of Bohemia,” this cosmic rom-com also features stellar performances by Kunal Nayyar, Lena Olin, and the one and only Isabella Rossellini. It’s a star-studded affair that even the Milky Way would envy.

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Mark your calendars! Spaceman crash-lands onto Netflix on March 1, 2024. Get ready for a ride so wild, it makes a black hole look like a kiddie pool. Buckle up, because this space odyssey is about to take your laughter to infinity and beyond! 🚀😂


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