Selena Gomez Admitted to Mental Health Facility Following Emotional Breakdown

26-year-old ‘Hands to Myself’ singer SELENA GOMEZ has apparently been admitted to a mental health facility after having an emotional breakdown!

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Gomez apparently became “despondent and emotional” at the end of September, and then family members had her admitted to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles where she was checked on but released shortly a few days later.

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Gomez had to be re-admitted last week again to a psychiatric facility on the East Coast and is receiving dialectical behavior therapy at the facility. Let us know: WHAT DO YOU THINK OF SELENA BEING ADMITTED TO HOSPITAL? ARE YOU WORRIED FOR HER?

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One Comment on “Selena Gomez Admitted to Mental Health Facility Following Emotional Breakdown”

  1. Irrespective what happens to Selena, she remain a beautiful, Icon and dynamic individual.The public is so quick to react with the negative of our mega-stars, that they forget this is a Woman. A Human being with feelings and a conscience. Not once did any encouragement or motivation go her way. She is a gorgeous , amazing woman – just passing through a minor transition, that will soon pass. This minor set-back is a set-up for her next Big Come-back. Much Love from South africa, this is Carl A. Buys [aka Carlito]

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