50-Cent Wonders Why Madonna Didn’t Get Her “BBL” Fixed

Madonna’s grand comeback to the stage on the ongoing ‘Celebration Tour’ after a “near-death” hospital pitstop over the summer has been hailed by fans and critics as more triumphant than a squirrel discovering a stash of acorns.

However, hold onto your glittery hats, because one big name decided to crash this party with all the subtlety of a bull in a china shop: none other than 50 Cent.

Rapper-actor-mogul 50 Cent (or Curtis Jackson when he’s not dropping mad rhymes) decided to take the Queen of Pop to task for, well, everything. From her social media antics that left the internet blushing to her supposed ‘culture vulture’ tendencies (as we reported with our jaws on the floor).

The diva struck back, accusing him of being “ageist,” and it seemed like the pop vs. rap feud had cooled down like a soda on a hot summer day. But don’t get too comfortable, because this notorious web troll had other plans.

He reignited the beef with all the subtlety of a bullhorn at a library early Friday (October 27). Armed with an Instagram account and a lack of filter, he set his sights on the 65-year-old pop sensation’s physique.

Using a screenshot from her current world tour, he raised some very pressing questions about her reported Brazilian butt lift. “Who the heck did this? She’s got enough dough to buy a small country; how on earth did she not get this sorted out?” he pondered, apparently without any regard for subtlety. “I demand the name of that surgeon pronto.”

Madonna, on the other hand, has yet to fire back at 50 directly. But let’s be honest, she’s no stranger to fielding criticism about her cosmetic surgery choices. In the world of pop, she’s had more nips, tucks, and lifts than a space shuttle launch, and she’s still riding that Material Girl wave like a champ. So, in the grand scheme of things, this beef might just be another slice of the bizarre pop culture pie.

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50-Cent Wonders Why Madonna Didn’t Get Her “BBL” Fixed


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