‘The Tortured Poets Department’ By Taylor Swift Maintains No. 1 Billboard Position For The Third Week In A Row

Guess what? Taylor Swift’s newest album is basically building a house on the No. 1 spot of the Billboard 200 chart, and it seems like it’s putting down some seriously solid foundations. Yep, The Tortured Poets Department is reigning supreme for the third week in a row, and Billboard is probably running out of ways to say, “Taylor Swift is killing it.”

This album isn’t just hitting the top spot; it’s practically setting up camp there. It’s Taylor’s first album to squat at No. 1 for three straight weeks since the folklore era, which feels like a lifetime ago in Swiftie years. Remember when we were all obsessed with cardigans and talking about Betty like she was our next-door neighbor? Good times.

But wait, there’s more! The Tortured Poets Department isn’t just breaking records; it’s basically playing a game of musical chairs with them. It’s the first album since Travis Scott’s Utopia to dominate the top spot for three weeks straight. Travis, buddy, how does it feel to share the podium with the queen of pop herself?

And let’s talk numbers, shall we? The Tortured Poets Department pulled in a whopping 282,000 equivalent album units in the U.S. last week. That’s more units than a Lego set with a missing instruction manual. And get this—it’s the biggest third-week performance since Taylor’s own Midnights album back in 2022. Looks like Taylor’s only competition is, well, Taylor.

So, what’s next for the reigning queen of the charts? Maybe she’ll drop an album that’s just 13 tracks of her laughing at all the records she’s breaking. Honestly, we’d stream it. Keep doing your thing, Taylor. We’ll be here, dancing in our living rooms and wondering how anyone can be this consistently amazing.

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