Bella Hadid Makes Her First TV Appearance Ever On ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’

Guess what? Bella Hadid, the model extraordinaire, has finally stepped into the illustrious realm of talk shows! The 27-year-old made her talk show debut on none other than The Drew Barrymore Show, and oh boy, was it a ride!

With the charm of a first-timer and the excitement of a kid in a candy store, Bella graced the show to promote her new fragrance brand, Orebella. And let me tell you, she was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs! But fear not, for Drew Barrymore’s infectious energy and warmth thawed Bella’s nerves faster than ice cream melts on a hot summer day.

Taking to Instagram to spill the tea on her talk show initiation, Bella confessed, “My first talk show ever! And to say I was nervous is an understatement! Drew’s energy & warmth immediately changed that. I’ve always just wanted to keep my head down and work for a long time, but I am so proud to finally be able to talk to Drew.”

During her chat with Drew, Bella dished about the not-so-secret world of sibling rivalry with her sister, Gigi Hadid. “Well, it’s inevitable to fight, right? But it’s always good to know that you’re gonna come back from it. And I think that is what’s so important about my sister and I going through life. Like we’re best friends and have regular sister stuff, like stealing clothes, getting the front seat, you know.”

And hold your breath! Bella also spilled the beans on her friendship with none other than the pop sensation Taylor Swift, courtesy of Gigi’s BFF status. “She’s friends with Taylor, and Taylor is amazing. And she’s just the most humble, sweet, adorable human being. And then all of a sudden she’s a superstar, and that’s what’s interesting about the celebrity thing.”

Bella’s talk show debut was a rollercoaster of nerves, laughter, and stolen clothes. Watch the interview below and prepare to be entertained!

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