Cardi B Defends Herself For Forgetting Her Designer’s Name At The Met Gala

Buckle up for the wild ride that was the 2024 Met Gala, the yearly extravaganza where fashion meets fame and everything gets a sprinkle of glitter. This time around, Cardi B took center stage, not for her killer outfit, but for a tiny slip-up that sent shockwaves through the fashion cosmos.

Picture this: Cardi, decked out in a dress that probably required its own zip code, a masterpiece by Sensen Lii of Windowsen. The gown, with more layers than an onion and enough fabric to carpet a football field, was inspired by something called “The Garden of Time.” Whatever that means, it definitely screamed “Look at me, I’m fabulous!”

Then came the moment of truth, when Emma Chamberlain from Vogue popped the question we all wanted to know: “Who’s the genius behind this ensemble?” Cue Cardi’s brain freeze. Instead of dropping the designer’s name like a seasoned pro, she went with the classic, “Uh, they’re Asian and stuff.”

Oh, Cardi, we love you for keeping it real. But naturally, the internet lost its collective mind faster than you can say “red carpet disaster.” Folks were divided like a pie on Thanksgiving. Some were like, “Hey, that’s not cool, Cardi,” while others were like, “Cut her some slack, we’ve all had brain farts.”

Even Gilbert Cheah, a big shot from Vogue’s past, decided to chime in. He basically gave Cardi a virtual slap on the wrist for not remembering Sensen Lii’s name. Ouch, Gilbert, tell us how you really feel!

But Cardi wasn’t having any of it. She clapped back, pointing out that Gilbert’s got one foot out the Vogue door anyway, so who cares what he thinks? She argued that she was just trying to give an honest answer, even if it was as shaky as a Jenga tower.

Surprisingly, Sensen Lii and Windowsen came out of this circus smelling like roses. Thanks to Cardi’s slip-up, they got more attention than a toddler throwing a tantrum in a supermarket. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!

As the gossip dies down and the memes fade away, we’re left with a valuable lesson: even superstars like Cardi B can have brain hiccups. And hey, maybe next time, we’ll all remember to double-check our designer labels before stepping onto the red carpet. Or not. After all, where’s the fun in that?

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