Dakota Johnson Lights Up the Red Carpet in Rio at ‘Madame Web’ Photo Call

Guess who’s on a mission to steal the spotlight? Dakota Johnson is practically tap-dancing her way through the promotional circuit for her latest flick!

The 34-year-old dynamo strutted her stuff on the red carpet like she owned it, showing up at the Madame Web photo call held at the swanky Fasano Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Yes, you heard that right—she’s taking her fabulousness on a world tour!

And let’s talk fashion, shall we? Dakota rocked a yellow and black pin-striped vest and matching trousers that screamed, “I mean business, but make it fashion,” topped off with a pop of sunshine in a yellow top and some killer black strappy heels. Because why walk when you can sashay?

The night before, Dakota graced the 2024 Vogue Brazil Ball with her presence, dazzling everyone in sight with a dress that probably put actual spider webs to shame. Sparkle game? Stronger than your morning coffee.

Now, onto the main event: Madame Web, the Marvel movie we didn’t know we needed. Dakota takes center stage as Cassandra Webb, a paramedic in the Big Apple who might just have a hotline to the future. Cue the dramatic music! With revelations flying left and right about her mysterious past, she forms an alliance with three other fierce femmes, all destined for greatness—if they can dodge the chaos of the present, that is.

Mark your calendars, because Madame Web swings into theaters on Feb. 14th! Prepare for a web of intrigue, sass, and hopefully a few well-timed one-liners. Dakota Johnson: saving the day, one fabulous outfit at a time.

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Dakota Johnson Lights Up the Red Carpet in Rio at ‘Madame Web’ Photo Call


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