Victoria Justice Talks About Dan Schneider Allegations And ‘Quiet On Set’ Documentary

Buckle up for some wild antics from the land of Nickelodeon drama and a splash of introspection!

So, Victoria Justice, the 31-year-old powerhouse of acting and “Raw” singing sensation, has finally broken her silence on all the hullabaloo surrounding the legendary Dan Schneider and the tell-all documentary series, “Quiet On Set.” You know, the guy behind Nickelodeon gems like Zoey 101 and Victorious, the show that probably inspired your teenage dreams.

In a recent Marie Claire cover feature, Victoria spilled the tea like a pro. She straight-up pointed out that Dan’s ego was bigger than the oversized smoothies they used to sip on set. According to her, sometimes his ego was so vast it eclipsed his ability to make rational decisions. Yep, she felt the sting of his unfair treatment more than once.

But wait, there’s more! Dan himself admitted he owed some folks a heartfelt apology after the docu-series aired. And guess who’s raising her hand in agreement? Yep, you guessed it, Victoria. She’s like, “Yeah, Dan, put me on that apology tour list.”

Now, hold onto your popcorn, because Victoria’s relationship with Dan is like a rollercoaster ride through a funhouse of emotions. It’s complicated, people. She’s not giving him a free pass or anything, but she’s also not ready to trash the guy who basically kick-started her career when she was just a tween. It’s like, “Dan, you messed up, but thanks for the ride to fame town.”

And then there’s the music talk! Victoria spills the beans about her music dreams, her indie vibes, and her unstoppable drive to rock the charts once again. If you want the full scoop, head over to and dive into the interview. It’s a wild ride!

Victoria Justice Talks About Dan Schneider Allegations And ‘Quiet On Set’ Documentary

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