Meghan Markle Wears Cross Necklace That Belonged To Princess Diana In Nigeria

Guess who’s gallivanting across Nigeria like a pair of royal pranksters? None other than the dynamic duo, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

In a whirlwind of events, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex graced a reception for military families in Abuja, leaving eagle-eyed fans gasping in awe. Why? Because Meghan, at the tender age of 42, donned a necklace dripping with sentimentality—it once belonged to the legendary Princess Diana! Talk about accessorizing with a royal touch!

Picture this: Meghan strutting in a strapless white number, jazzed up with a diamond cross dangling from a gold chain—a recent gift from none other than her dashing prince charming, Harry, aged 39. People were buzzing with excitement, and not just because of Meghan’s fashion statement!

But hold onto your crowns, because the fun didn’t stop there! The next morning, our globetrotting couple was spotted at Ilupeju Senior Grammar School, mingling with students at the Giants of Africa event. Meghan rocked a chic white blouse and a skirt so blue, it would make the sky jealous. Meanwhile, Prince Harry was the epitome of casual cool, sporting a tan blazer and gray slacks. Who said royalty can’t pull off a laid-back look?

And let’s rewind to earlier escapades! Meghan, sporting a snazzy white suit, was caught red-handed (or should we say, hand-in-hand?) with Prince Harry as they hobnobbed with the Chief of Defence Staff of Nigeria at the Defence Headquarters. White suits and hand-holding? Looks like these two are rewriting the royal rulebook, one mischievous adventure at a time!

Meghan Markle Wears Cross Necklace That Belonged To Princess Diana In Nigeria

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