Ashley Benson Celebrates Her First Mother’s Day With Never-Seen-Before Photos

Ashley Benson has entered the wild world of motherhood, and she’s celebrating her inaugural Mother’s Day like a champ!

Breaking out the Instagram confetti cannons, the 34-year-old Pretty Little Liars starlet unleashed a torrent of never-before-seen snapshots from her magical journey into parenthood.

In a display of maternal glee, Ashley shared precious moments from her daughter’s grand entrance into the world. We’re talking hospital bed glamour shots, OB/GYN bonding sessions (because why not?), and even a selfie or two of those snuggly post-birth moments when you’re running on pure adrenaline and love.

But wait, there’s more! Not content with just hospital pics, Ashley treated her followers to a snapshot of her little bundle of joy getting her first hair inspection. Move over, Rapunzel, there’s a new hair icon in town!

And what’s a memorable family moment without a side of pizza? Ashley and her hubby, Brandon Davis, 43 (yes, she went for the mature cheese), were caught red-handed indulging in some post-baby-delivery pizza goodness. Because nothing says “Welcome to the world, kiddo!” like a slice of pepperoni.

In a whirlwind romance that would make Cupid blush, Ashley and Brandon went from relationship rookies to official lovebirds faster than you can say “baby shower.” They made it official in February 2023, sealed the deal with an engagement ring in July, and by November, they were doing the whole “I do” dance.

The plot thickens in October 2023 when Ashley pulled the ultimate “ta-da!” moment by confirming she was harboring a tiny human inside her. Then, in a grand finale fit for a Hollywood script, she announced her daughter’s grand entrance into the world this February, sending her fans into a frenzy of congratulatory emojis and virtual baby showers.

Ashley Benson’s journey into motherhood—a tale of love, laughter, and enough pizza to make Papa John blush. Cheers to you, Ashley, and to many more Mother’s Days filled with joy, chaos, and endless diaper changes! 🍼💕

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