Maya Rudolph Opens ‘Saturday Night Live’ Performing As Beyonce

Maya Rudolph didn’t just enter the May 11 episode of Saturday Night Live; she strutted in like she was about to headline Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour! Picture this: a 51-year-old actress, more fabulous than ever, bursts onto the stage with a Mother’s Day anthem that could make Queen Bey herself do a double take!

With the confidence of someone who’s achieved “extraterrestrial mother status,” Maya, flanked by Sarah Sherman and Bowen Yang, owned the spotlight. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Kenan Thompson jumps in with a monologue that’s like a warm hug from your favorite uncle.

But wait, there’s more! Maya pulls off a costume change quicker than a superhero in a phone booth and unleashes a musical whirlwind that would make even the most stoic of statues dance! “I’m your mother,” she chants over a thumping house beat, dazzling the audience in an outfit that screams, “Bow down, kiddos, I’m your mama!”

Taking us on a tour of the studio, Maya’s energy is infectious as she commands, “Bow down children, I’m your mama / Giving queen, giving drama.” And just when you think you’ve caught your breath, she’s back on stage, surrounded by the SNL crew, with a horse in the background because, well, why not pay homage to Beyoncé in the most epic way possible?

Maya Rudolph didn’t just celebrate Mother’s Day; she owned it, wrapped it in glitter, and delivered it with a side of pure comedic gold. All hail the queen of SNL, the one and only Maya “Mama Drama” Rudolph!


maya will always be mother

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