Travis Kelce Talks About Attending Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ With Gigi Hadid And Bradley Cooper

So, guess what happened? Travis Kelce spilled the beans about his glamorous hangout sesh with none other than Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper at the Eras tour stop in Paris, oui oui!

Picture this: a suite packed with celebs, watching Travis’s girlfriend (who happens to be Gigi’s BFF) rocking the stage in the City of Light. Travis was all like, “Yo, I got to chill with Gigi and Bradley. Bradley Cooper, dude. We were living it up in the suite!”

And then he goes on, “They’re the bomb, seriously.”

But wait, there’s more! Jason Kelce, probably missing the Eagles scene already, couldn’t resist asking if they gabbed about the Philadelphia Eagles. You know, Jason just hung up his boots from playing for the Eagles, and Travis’s Chiefs are like their arch-nemeses.

And Travis was like, “Heck yeah! Bradley Cooper bleeds green, man.”

Then, he dove back into the Eras tour in Paris, describing it as “a night to remember.”

“I’m telling ya, it’s like I’m living in a fantasy,” Travis declared. And about the tour? “I can’t figure out if they’re just getting crazier or if I’m just losing my marbles. Either way, it was lit!”

Ah, the life of a superstar athlete mingling with Hollywood royalty, all in the name of good vibes and electric performances. Truly, a tale as wild as a roller coaster ride through a funhouse!

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