More Details About ‘Elle’ The ‘Legally Blonde’ Prequel Series On Prime Video Revealed

Get ready to bend and snap with excitement because the ultimate blonde bombshell is making a comeback! You heard it right! Amazon has given the green light to a Legally Blonde prequel series, and it’s going to be so fetch, you’ll want to binge-watch it in your pink pajamas.

Breaking the news in style was none other than the OG Elle Woods herself, Reese Witherspoon, who strutted onto the stage at Prime Video’s Upfront presentation like she was about to ace a Harvard Law final. Decked out in her signature pink attire and accompanied by her loyal sidekick, Bruiser Woods (the chihuahua with more attitude than most humans), Reese spilled the tea on the upcoming series, titled none other than “Elle.”

As if channeling her inner Elle Woods, Reese will also be flexing her executive producer muscles on the show, because who better to oversee the fabulousness? And joining her in this journey of fashion, fun, and feminism is the creative genius Laura Kittrell, who’s not only the brains behind the operation but also the showrunner extraordinaire.

According to Variety, “Elle” will take us back to the glory days of high school, where we’ll witness firsthand the trials and tribulations that shaped Elle into the iconic queen bee we all know and adore. Picture it: teenage Elle strutting down the hallways, armed with her wit, charm, and a whole lot of pink, ready to conquer the world one sassy remark at a time.

In a statement that probably had more sparkle than a Swarovski crystal, Reese exclaimed, “I truly couldn’t be more excited about this series! Fans will get to know how Elle Woods navigated her world as a teenager with her distinct personality and ingenuity, in ways that only our beloved Elle could do. What could be better than that?! I’m extremely grateful to the incredible teams at Prime Video and Hello Sunshine – along with our amazing writer Laura Kittrell – for making this dream of mine come true. ‘Legally Blonde’ is back!”

Now, before you start practicing your bend and snap, hold onto your oversized sunglasses because there’s more to come! While we’re itching to know who’ll be filling the perfectly pink pumps of young Elle and which heartthrobs will be vying for her attention, all we can do for now is wait with bated breath. So grab your fluffy pen, make a note in your scented diary, and stay tuned for more updates because “Elle” is about to bring the blonde bombshell energy back into our lives in the most fabulous way possible!

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