Lizzo Says People Are “Fatphobic” If She’s Not Considered Best Dressed At The Met Gala

Buckle up for the Lizzo saga at the Met Gala!

So, Lizzo, the queen of unapologetic sass, took to her social media kingdom to spill the tea on her Met Gala ensemble. In a series of snaps that could make even the most fashion-challenged chuckle, she laid down the law: If she ain’t on your best-dressed list, well, honey, you’re committing a fashion faux pas so massive it’s practically a crime against curves.

“If I’m not in ur best dressed, ur fatphobic,” she boldly declared in the caption, serving it up hotter than a fresh batch of memes.

But hold onto your haute couture, because not everyone was vibing with Lizzo’s sassy proclamation. Oh no, the peanut gallery had some thoughts, and they were firing them off faster than you can say “couture calamity.”

“I’m not fatphobic, I just don’t vibe with the headpiece,” quipped one brave soul, dodging the fashion police with expert finesse.

Then came the love-drenched backhand compliments: “Lizzo, babe, love you to the moon and back, but honey, this look was a swing and a miss,” commented another, gently tapping the singer’s ego with a velvet glove.

And just when you thought the drama couldn’t get any juicier, in waltzed the confused critics, stumbling over their own designer shoes to get their two cents in: “Not fatphobic at all. Just a tad perplexed by the lewk,” muttered someone in the back, clearly trying to navigate the labyrinth of Lizzo’s fashion mind.

But amidst the chaos and the cacophony of confused critiques, one thing remains as constant as Lizzo’s love for self-expression: our girl has yet to fire back with her signature sass.

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