Mindy Kaling Has Words Of Advice For The Cast Of ‘The Office’ Spinoff

Move over! Mindy Kaling is gearing up to hand over the comedy scepter to the new gang in town for the latest The Office spinoff series!

Peacock recently spilled the beans, officially confirming the birth of a spinoff series to the legendary NBC comedy that blessed our screens from 2005 to 2013.

Not only was Mindy, the comedic virtuoso, a star in the original show, but she also held the keys to the writing and producing kingdom.

In a recent chitchat, Mindy was summoned to shower some wisdom upon the fledgling cast of the new spinoff.

“Listen up, comrades! Try your darndest not to burst into hysterics,” Mindy imparted her pearls of wisdom on SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash Up.

“I butchered so many takes because I couldn’t keep a straight face around Rainn Wilson and Steve Carrell,” Mindy confessed, barely holding back her giggles. “I was supposed to be the epitome of horror, but those two were just too much!”

“I mean, honestly, I suspect I might have even cracked up on camera,” Mindy continued, pondering. “I’m betting this new crew will be as side-splittingly hilarious as the OG gang, and with so many brilliant minds behind it, my advice would be: master the art of keeping a straight face when the cameras are rolling.”

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