Prince Andrew’s Scandal Has Prevented Princess Beatrice And Princess Eugenie Moving Up The Royal Ranks

Once upon a time in the wacky world of royal shenanigans, we have Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, two royals who are ninth and eleventh in the “Who’s Who” of succession to the throne. But hold your royal horses! These princesses are apparently stuck in a royal traffic jam, and it’s all thanks to their dear old dad, Prince Andrew, and his scandalous escapades.

Now, let’s rewind to November 2019, when Prince Andrew decided to take a step back from his royal gig after his now-infamous tête-à-tête with Emily Maitlis on Newsnight. It was a royal mess, to say the least. And guess what? This mess isn’t just a blip on the royal radar; it’s become a major roadblock for poor Beatrice and Eugenie’s journey to the upper echelons of royalty.

Enter Richard Fitzwilliams, the royal oracle of sorts, spilling the tea on GB News. According to him, Prince Andrew’s reputation is stickier than a corgi in a jar of marmalade, and it’s rubbing off on his darling daughters. Despite Beatrice and Eugenie being touted as the next big thing in royal duties (move over, Princess Kate!), they’re stuck playing second fiddle thanks to dear old dad.

Fitzwilliams, with all the flair of a royal gossip columnist, pointed out that Beatrice and Eugenie are indeed royal VIPs, high up in the succession chain and all that jazz. But alas, they’re not exactly stealing the spotlight like their royal counterparts because, well, daddy issues.

And speaking of issues, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Prince Andrew himself. The guy consistently scores lower in popularity than a soggy crumpet in royal family polls. Ouch.

But fear not, royal watchers! Fitzwilliams hints that maybe, just maybe, there’s hope for Beatrice and Eugenie’s Cinderella story to unfold… eventually. But for now, it seems like they’re stuck in a royal holding pattern, twiddling their thumbs while the monarchy sorts out its family drama.

Prince Andrew’s Scandal Has Prevented Princess Beatrice And Princess Eugenie Moving Up The Royal Ranks

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